Aug 19, 2010

Just daydreaming a little bit

Work and the weather still have me kind of down and not interested in doing much lately but there is one thing I  have been doing regularly and that is daydreaming.   Daydreaming about what, well the upcoming hunting season obviously, haven't you?

I was thinking about writing a post about my goals this season, but decided on just a post about things I am looking forward to and have been daydreaming about lately.

A pair of geese from last year
Early Goose Season - Seeing I'm still green when it comes to duck and goose hunting I'm dying to get out there and try the things I've learned from last season as well as implement the things I've been researching during the off season and this early season sure helps with getting it going.  Ofcourse the recent increase in sightings and sounds of geese on the lake near my house have helped with my daydreams.   I've been daydreaming about a 15 bird limit lying at my feet for weeks but honestly I'll be happy with two or three.

Main Moose Hunt - No I didn't win the Maine moose lottery but a friend of mine did. My buddy Jim has a camp in Maine and entered the lottery for the first time ever this year and wouldn't you know it, he was picked for a cow permit.  Unfortunately the permit wasn't for the same zone that his camp and land is in so he put it out for trade and was lucky enough to make a trade.  So the last week in September will find a team of us at Jim's camp praying for good moose hunting weather and some luck.  I've had visions of a large cow moose walking right into Jim's shooting lane, which in my dreams is right near the logging road.

NJ Bear Spring 2009
NJ Black Bear hunt - Yes it's true.  New Jersey finally got it together and put an end to the Anti's games and have a complete bear management plan in place and approved that includes a black bear hunt.  New Jersey has been fighting the Anti's since their first Bear hunt back in 2003 and their last in 2005 and it looks like science has won over emotion once again.  I never did participate in the previous bear hunts but I will be participating this year.  I figured seeing I see more bears than deer down there and I have the best bear magnet around - my buddy Billy - that we should give this a try.  Ofcourse I won't layout the scenario that I've been day dreaming about here because if I did Billy probably would back out on me.  Billy, remember that spring turkey trip were you almost got run over by those black bears well let's just say that in my dreams this trip one is going to top that trip.   BTW, bring your sneakers.  :)

These have been the ones that I have been daydreaming about the most but the typical dreams of a big buck and green heads just pouring into the waterholes show up once in a while to break up the cycle.

So what have you been daydreaming about?

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  1. Thank you, I just feel so much better now knowing that i am not the only one thinking of the fall. I don't do the early goose season, because the fishing is really good that time of year. We have been saving and talking about getting a flip type blind for the boat. i can't wait to go squirrel hunting on 9-1-10