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That's me with a nice Farmington River Brown

I decided to start this blog after reading a paper my son wrote for a college writing course that was related to a topic on Nature Deficit Disorder. In his paper he wrote about his experiences in the outdoors and how they were a part of him and our family. In his paper he also thanked me for sharing my love and passion for the outdoors with him. Now I’ve shared this love and passion for the outdoors with many family members, friends and even strangers and Passinthru Outdoors is my continuation of that sharing.

Sharing the success of a youth turkey hunt

So what does Passinthru Outdoors - Sharing the Passion mean, well seeing I wrote an entire post on this subject you will just have to read it to find out:  Passinthru Outdoors - Whats in a Name Anyway.  But if you're not in the mood to read it right now it means I am just passing through the great outdoors and while doing so sharing my passions for the outdoors with others.   Blogging not only allows me to share the passion with others, but it allows me to enjoy so many great outdoor blogs to learn and live through those who have the passion.  It doesn't matter if it is camping, hiking, biking, hunting, fishing or photography as long as it is being done in the great outdoors I am interested.

That's not Ralphie from Christmas Story - That's me

As for me, I have had a passion for the outdoors that started as a young boy.  I hated to be inside and always found something to do outside.  As a kid growing up in the city much of our outdoors was covered in concrete and asphalt but we were fortunate to have access to parks, streams, fields and ponds to keep us busy.   My early outdoor trips consisted of fishing and camping trips during visits with my Dad down in New Jersey or by tagging along with my Uncles here in Connecticut.  Of course my mom would do her share to get us outside as well and sometimes that meant trips down to the shore or fishing some local rivers or ponds.  As a kid if I couldn't walk to the outdoors, I would find someone to drive me there.

Kaleigh, Brendan and Beau in 2004
I lived in the city until the late 80s when I got married and moved out to the country.  I am happily married to a wife who, as my father-in-law put it, is a very tolerant women.  For anyone with a passion for the outdoors, a tolerant spouse is very important, trust me.  I also have two wonderful children that I have been fortunate to spend time sharing my passions with and whom make me proud every day.  For all you parents of young children out there it is true - they grow up way to fast so enjoy it.   We currently live in Northeast Connecticut with access to the State Forest just minutes from our door, and water for fishing within walking distance.  I get to watch the sunrise over a lake every  morning.  What more can one ask for.

Always makes a bad day at work better

I am an avid hunter and fisherman with a passion for deer hunting and my fly rod.  My day job as a manager for a software company keeps me pretty busy but all it takes to put a smile on my face is to see some wildlife out my office window and they usually shop up at just the right time.  I am a certified Hunter Education instructor for the State of Connecticut where I hope I am able to give back a little something to the sport that has given me so much.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Passinthru Outdoors and I hope it encourages you to go out and share your passions with someone.  Please feel free to leave comments or suggestion as I look forward to them.

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