Apr 30, 2011

They Have The Passion Weekly - A Reel Lady

In honor of the opening of Connecticuts Spring turkey season, this week's They Have The Passion post features Glynn over at A Reel Lady.  I've been following Glynn's blog and as well as on twitter and she has been nonstop tweeting and writing about her turkey chasing adventures.

Glynn describes herself like this :
"I love high heels, good jeans, purses, and makeup, but I love fishing, hunting, and being outside."  

Okay, anyone can say that right, but you have to prove it.  So how many pocket knives do you have on you?  Well Glynn claims she has 3 pocket knives in her coach purse. That's right 3!  I'm not sure if that is a sign that she needs help or that she wants to ensure she has a sharp knife with here just in case she runs across a fresh road kill.  From what I read, I'm going with the roadkill theory.

Glynn fighting a small tarpon down in Florida

In Glynn's bio she states:
I want to learn to shoot a bow, so I can go gator hunting, and bow fishing. I also want to catch a sail fish, marlin, and halibut. I love the feeling I get when I hear the drag getting pulled on a line.

If the above doesn't convince you that she has the passion for the outdoors then make sure to read her posts about her turkey season so far.  Like I said, I've been following her hunts and she has no quit in her and is pushing for success on harvesting a turkey with her bow.  Turkey's are hard enough with the shotgun and this young lady wants to use her bow.  Yo go Girl!  I don't want to ruin the ending but I know the outcome of her drive for success with the bow this spring and you will just have to follow her blog to find out how it ends. 

Click on the photo to see if Glynn out shot her husband on this trip.
I would like to talk with her husband though, as Glynn credits him with teaching her to fish and in learning to shoot a bow, but when I read the claim below it reminded me on why I stopped taking my wife to the range and the water and probably why I should stop taking my daughter hunting in fishing as well.

He wouldn’t admit it (on most days), but I can outshoot him with a shotgun AND a rifle (for the most part).

Looks like Glynn might be making the better shot claim with the bow as well

I love to see women and kids share in our great outdoor traditions of shooting, hunting and fishing and following along with Glynn on her outdoor adventures just makes me believe that our traditions are in good hands.  So make sure to stop by A Reel Lady and add her blog to your reading list, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Thanks for sharing the Passion Glynn and just a reminder that you are a little behind on the turkey hunting posts.

Apr 29, 2011

Guest Post - Why I want my own Fly Fishing outfit

I love the fact that my daughter wants to spend time in the outdoors enjoying many of our great traditions of hunting, shooting and fishing but I have to tell you that she is a little to dang good for the rest of us and if you don't belive me jsut read her short post on why she wants her own Fly Fishign outfit.

Guest blog written by my Daughter Kaleigh.

I even tried putting the handle on the wrong side and she still fishes

There are many reasons why I would like to have a my own fly fishing setup. But here is only a few of them.

In my family I am the only girl old enough to"play with the big boys" and when it comes to hunting and fishing trips, there are times I feel like Ruldolph when they won't let him play in any reindeer games.  Oh they take me fishing and hunting but I know they try to make it unfair for me by giving me the old equipment or the dead bait.

They started trying to find ways to tie my hands because I would catch more fish than them.  Put your own bait on the hook was their first try, but that didn't stop me - well unless it is a gross wiggly worm. I guess he got so annoyed with me catching more fish and bigger fish than him so my dad took up a type of fishing that seemed to complex for me. Watching him flyfish and catch nothing but grass was quite amusing but he got the hang of it.  That was okay because I still could fish against my brother and beat hime, but then he got my brother into fly fhishing.   So know they claim because I can't flyfish that any fishign contest isn't fair and that to be fair I had to learn how to fly fish.  

Kaliegh with a PA smallmouth bass in 2010 - yes she did out fish grandpa and I

I had to wonder if I could do it because it sure seems complicated but I kept bugging dad to let me try so he started me out casting in the yard.  I am normally right handed and was doing okay but then I asked to try it with my left hand and he just laughed.  Well I did and I casted even better.  Since these lessons and me casting with both hands, my dad always has an excuse when I ask to try the fly rod on the water.  It's too windy, to many trees, too much sun.  I know he is just afraid I would catch up to his level and catch even more fish.

The only chance I have now is to get my own fly fishing pole then I wouldn't have to bug my dad about letting me use his to practice. I could just go to the garage and get my own and not need to ask him.  I would like to learn enough to be able to have my own setup and go on the annual family fly fishing  trip and competition that my dad, brother grandpa and uncle go on ever year and  to beat them with my own pole.  That would just be an exhillerating feeling!

After reading this I might just have to ground her or something.  Althought she may be on to something about me being afraid of her being better than me.  Just the other evening we went scouting for turkey's and she spotted every single one before I did and they were NOT easy to spot.  What was even funnier was her comment as we were leaving the fields - "You better stop by the firehouse so they can hose me off because I am on FIRE!".  She sure was on fire.  Man I hate teenagers.  :)

A few more 2011 Connecticut Turkeys

Connecticut's 2011 Turkey season has been open for 3 days now and I've been stuck in the office all week, man I need a new job.  Maybe one that allows me to hunt and fish all day, every day.  Anyone know of any openings?

So the second of CT's two youth turkey hutning days was this past Saturday and I awoke to rain, wind and even snow flakes - and they were sticking to the grass even.  After checking in with the boys it was decided that we crawl back into the sack and see how it is a little later in the morning.  Well about 8:30ish the rain lightened up enough to make a run to provate land, but my daughter and I had to back out as we had family coming in from out of state for the holiday and the wife needed our help.  That's okay because Busch Pilot and Bubba took Bubba's son James - aka Little Bubba - out for a run at some birds and it is a good thing they did.  Little bubba scored on a pair of soaking wet jakes that just couldn't resist checking out that crazy hen making all that noise in the rain.  This was Little Bubba's first ever turkeys and he was excited and I think he forgot about how wet he was.
Busch Pilot & the victory sign after running down one of Little Bubba's Jakes

Little Bubba with his rain soaked Jakes

Busch Pilot has been at it since the opener where he had to contend with some other hunters with a not so nice attitude.  It's a good thing I wasn't there because I am no where as nice and as patient as BP is.  Anyway BP didn't get any shooting in but he did work a few birds.  Busch Pilot does his homework and he has been on the look out for Chief - the tom with a missing tail feather that my daughter missed on youth day -  and BP had him put to bed the other night and at just after 7am the next day Chief stepped out and gave BP a perfect shot and down he went.  There was another tom with Chief and all he had to do was to walk away but he stayed around and BP gave him the same welcome he gave Chief.  My daughter is a little unhappy that BP got Chief, but she says she will just shoot a bigger one.  Gotta love that confidence.

Busch Pilots 2011 Toms

Bubba finally got out as well and during my 7:30am check in with him he had only seen one hen and it was quiet.  For the piece of land he was hunting, this isn't a good sign and it wasn't looking very promising.  It wasn't long after that Bubba started working a bird and a lone jake came running right in to the setup.  With 3 private land turkey tags in his pocket and turkey poppers on his mind, Bubba never hesitated and down went the jake.

Bubba's 2011 Jake

Just a few Connecticut Turkeys showing off their 2011 birds
So let's take inventory here.

Kaleigh - 1
Little Bubba  - 2
Busch Pilot - 2
Bubba - 1

OUCH!  I better get on the stick and get in the woods.  Hopefully tomorrow will be my day, but with turkey hunting you just never know what is going to happen and that is one of the reasons we all love turkey hunting - Every outing brings hope, disappointment frustration and hopefully success.  But no matter what the day holds for you as a turkey hunter it always serves to drive the passion. 

Apr 22, 2011

Boys Will be Boys

As I break down the 20+ minutes of video that we took during my daughter's youth hunt I continue to be impressed with everything she got to see that day.  We had action from 11am until quiting time and we just didn't know what would happen next.

This clip is of some young toms and jakes trying to impress the ladies.  Hope you enjoy it.

They Have The Passion Weekly - The Jersey Angler

Bart from the Jersey Angler

This weeks THTP post features Bart over at The Jersey Angler.  I know what you are thinking..Fish...in New Jersey?!  Trust me when I tell you this, there are and some beauties to be caught along with some incredible fisheries in New Jersey and the Jersey Angler will take you there.  Bart has been fly fishing for over 30 years and has a passion for all aspects of the sport of Fly Fishing.  Anyone that would bring a portable tying vise with him on a business trip either has a sickness or a serious passion and that should tell you something about Bart's passion for fly fishing.

Bart is also currently serving as the President of Central Jersery Trout Unlimited and is also heavily involved in conservation of our cold water resources.  Bart has the passion for trout and fly fishing for sure and is working to ensure that we continue have places to pursue our passion for fishing.

A nice brown that fell to one of Bart's ties

As someone who is still very green when it comes to fly fishing and fly tying, people like Bart and sites like the Jersey Angler are an important piece of my fly fishing development as they offer up many great tips and tricks related to fly fishing and fly tying and help drive my passion with pictures of large trout.  Bart has some incredible fish pictures on his blog and I prefer the ones that include the fly he caught the fish on the best - like the one above.

There is always something of interest for fly fisherman at The Jersey Angler.  If it is not a fishing trip report with great pictures of some incredible fish, then it is information about fly tying or conservation.  You can even catch a gear review or two.  Stop on by and say hello to Bart and check out his blog.

Apr 19, 2011

Youth Turkey Hunt Success - My Daughter's First Turkey

This past Saturday was the first of 2 spring turkey youth training day's here in CT and my daughter had been promising me she was ready to accept the challenge.  Not the challenge of the hunt but the challenge of going to bed at a decent time and getting up early which she is not very good at, as can be said for most teenagers, but she had promised and even practiced.  Ofcourse the deal for some new camo clothing helped as well, but first she had to prove she can get up and hunt on a regular basis so Saturday's wake up was her first test which she passed with flying colors.

The field during last Sunday's scouting trip

We had been doing our scouting both on state land and private land and have been seeing and hearing birds on pretty much every scouting trip, so we knew we had a good chance of getting into some birds on her hunt but the events of the entire day where totally unexpected and filled with so many new experiences, trials, failures and success that it just made her first turkey hunt that much more memorable and has definitely fueled a new passion in her.

Another shot from the lower field

Our hunt started out on a small piece of state land near our house that up until Friday had looked like a lock.  I went out Friday morning before work to listen for birds and there was not a turkey sound anywhere which made for a long day at work.  My daughter, Busch Pilot and myself went out Friday night to roost the state land spot and the only birds we heard was a gobbler down in the road and a car honking at him - not a good sign.   What seemed like a great game plan was turning into a not so good one fast, but we knew the birds were in the area and felt we could find them and if not no big deal we head over to private land where we know the birds will be.  We worked the state land area from sunrise until about 9:30 with not a single peep but we did cut plenty of turkey sign so we just need to figure out when they will be back.  We left State land and headed for private but first we need some sustenance because the pop tarts and Gatorade we had earlier was not cutting it.

Busch Pilot and Kaleigh taking a break during our State Land hunt
Busch Pilot trying his best to locate some birds on State Land
 After Breakfast it was off to a piece of private land that we have been hutning for years and all our kids have taken their first birds off this piece of land so we had high hopes for our midday hunt.  The game plan was to setup on the edge of the upper field and see if we couldn't call a few birds out from the woods.  As we were heading up the field we caught movement across the field 6 birds stepped out of the woods and into the field.  We dove for the ground and decided to watched them instead of work them as we were out in the wide open field.  They worked up the field and into the woods and once out of sight we made a mad dash along the hedgerow and up to the upper field.  We were standing there contemplating where to setup and had decided to setup on the far side of the field.  Before heading across the field Busch Pilot decided to scan the lower field one more time and when he did he noticed 2 toms working up the field towards us, pretty much exactly where we just came from.  It was a full out scramble to get the blind setup and ready for a shot and the 30mph wind gust made it that much more of a challenge as the blind ripped out of my hands and was headed to the open field when my daughter grabbed it for me.  Good thing she has cat like reflexes like her father.  Disaster avoided!

We were all tucked in the blind and in our haste forgot to put out the decoys.  DANG!  No decoy no problem right, well maybe not.  We knew the birds would come right past us if they stayed on course but would they be close enough and if not how would we pull them in.  When that longbeard cleared the hedgerow and gave us a good look we lost focus that my daughter was all new to this and started whispering orders to her like she was a seasoned veteran.  To our surprise stayed composed and handle the request well and she already had a bead on him and was just waiting for the signal to shoot.  Busch Pilot let out a few clucks and old Mr. Tom gobbled and it was enough to stop him and get him to stretch out tall looking across the field and has he did we told Kaleigh to shoot and shedid and missed completely.  We barked the typical orders to eject and get back on him and when she did the gun jammed.  She stayed calm and cleared the jam and had another round in the chamber ready to go but it wasn't to be as we just watched these two toms slowly work across the field out of range from the 20 gauge.


After they left the field I crawled out the blind and across the field to setup the decoys and then wormed my way back into the blind.  It wasn't long until we had two toms pop out across the field and start working toward us but they were a little leery and taking their time and that was when I noticed 3 more birds pop out from the same spot about 75 yards behind these two and the chase was on.  Those 3 jakes started running towards the two toms and they blew by us heading back down the field.  Just as the 3 jakes cleared the wood line,  3 more jakes popped out and joined the chase.  Now we had 6 Jakes and two toms running around the lower field that we couldn't see and with the wind blowing we even struggled to hear them.  As Busch Pilot put it "Oh MY!  We have a situation".  Yes we did.  Every now and then we would hear a gobble that let us know they were still down the field but we still can't see them.  All of a sudden a 3 Jakes come running right by the blind and my daughter rushes a shot only to miss by a mile.  It caught us off guard somewhat but she was on top of things for sure.  We continued to be patient and wait for the other 5 birds and sure enough they come back into the upper field out of range and headed across the field and back into the woods from where they had just came.  The count is now 0 for 2 on  and we are working hard to get ourselves under control and to come up with a game plan.  One thing for sure is we need more shells as we only had 5 with us so I made the call and had an Air Force C130 drop a box of shells into our location.  Okay so it wasn't a C130 it was Bubba who ran a box up the field to us and thank goodness he did.

Things quieted down for about an hour, so Busch Pilot and Kaleigh took a nap while I kept vigil scanning the field and woods and calling every so often.  I had to wake them up twice as birds popped out of the point and into the field only to head back in.  Around 2pm we had a hen pop out of the woods and into the field and then another.  We watched them for a bit nowing that the boys would show up soon.  Sure enough like on command, two toms pop into the upper field and work down to these hens and you could see the beards swinging as they waddled in.  One of those toms put on a great display trying to entice the hens and worked hard to keep the other tom from getting close.  Busch Pilot did his best to pull the hens across the field but the wind was just not helping.  We could barely hear the gobbles so I'm sure they had trouble hearing us. 

Kaleigh taking a nap in the blind
As we watched this wonderful display of courtship I noticed some more birds pop out in the same spot the two toms had come from and they turned out to be those 6 Jakes again.  They stayed on top of the field and had a good scrap going on as they jumped up in the air sparing with each other for a few minutes and when they stopped they were headed down the field towards the two toms and those lone hens.  It looked like a scene from a roller derby movie as they headed down the field bumping each other as they ran.  We were enjoying every minute of this, but definitely getting frustrated and my daughter was cold and tired and probably ready to go home but we stayed with it.  All the birds finally headed back up the field and into the woods but would pop back out every once and while to scan the field but we just could not get them to come to our setup.  It could have been the wind as it was definitely making our blind rock.

We decided it was time to leave our setup and head for an open landing near where all the birds had come and gone for the past 2 hours.  The problem is that we had to get through the open field and into the brush without being seen.  We scanned the field over good and with no sign of birds we made a mad dash across the field to the wood line.  We scrambled over rocks and through the prickers and set up on the hedgerow that these birds kept walking down.  We had two hens out across the field just feeding but I just didn't like the setup.  We were limited in our shot area and would never see the birds coming until they were right on us making any adjustment out of the question and I was tired of the unexpected and wanted more control of the situation.  So it was back into the woods and through the prickers to get to the open landing that was just inside the woods off the field.  We got there with a few minor scratches and cuts and started looking around for our next setup but had to move fast as those birds were in and out of this area so much we didn't want to be standing there in the open next time they popped out.  There wasn't much at all for good setups but we made do with some old logs leftover from the logging they had done.  It wasn't ideal but this would work.

I was laying on a log with the video camera shooting through some brush as I was trying to make myself as small as possible which is not an easy task.  BP hit the call and we had a gobble instantly.  Holy heck, here we go again.  It wasn't long before a hen walked right across the landing and headed to the field.  BP called some more and we had multiple gobbles this time which meant those crazy jakes where on the way again.  They came into the landing and then popped into the woods, we called they popped back out but stayed on the far side.  BP gave Kaliegh the green light to shoot and she did and once again another clean miss.  For the life of me I had no idea what was going wrong because Kaleigh can shoot and the gun patterns very well but with my head buried in the video I had no idea what she was doing.   BP gave them some more calls and they stayed on the far edge of the landing, some strutting, some looking around but clueless that they had just been shot at...Again!

Busch Pilot then broke out with a round of kee kee calls and they spun around and starting heading across the landing.  As those 6 birds started across, two more jakes came around the brush from the field and into the landing and they were close.  I could hear BP telling Kaliegh to shoot and her telling BP that there were to many birds behind them and she didn't want to take the shot, especially the way she had been shooting.  It was a comical exchange between the two but it was the right thing to do.  The birds separated just enough where Kaleigh was comfortable and not a word needed to be said to her because neither BP or I called for the shot but it went off and we just watched as Kaleigh's first bird hit the dirt.  I was stunned and lost for a momentum and BP was about to jump up and go get her bird but the other jakes wouldn't leave so I told her to shoot again seeing the limit is 3 and she thought I wanted her o shoot her bird again so the rest of the jakes got a free pass when she aimed for her bird instead of one of them.  We still had one jake decide to come back in and stomp her bird but she was out of shells and I had them in my vest so we just enjoyed show instead.


It was now 4:13pm almost 12 hours after wake up and after putting on almost 4 miles on state land that morning plus all the craziness around us on private land including a couple of misses, but success had finally come and the smile on my daughters face said it all.  Both Busch Pilot and I were so proud of the way she hung in there and fought through it all.  It was definitely the most beautiful jake that we had ever seen.  I didn't think her smile could get any bigger but it did when I showed her where he brother shot his first bird, just 75 yards down the logging road from where she got her first bird.  We took lots of pictures and sent one out over the cell and her big brother called back immediately and he was yelling and so excited for her which made for a perfect finishing touch on this hunt.

Kaleigh with BP for a hero shot - The logs was their hiding spot just minutes before

That smile is proof that hunting is good for the soul
For myself and the guys I hunt with we enjoy sharing the passion with others, especially kids and the days events made for incredible memories and the smile on my daughters face proves that we are doing things the right way.  I know she is hooked because we were out scouting again last night and she was arguing with Busch Pilot about who is going to tag "The Chief".  As my daughter put it, "I missed him Saturday but I won't miss him next time".  The bad news for Busch Pilot is that we have another youth training day coming up so she gets another chance at him before the regular season opens up but she is the back up shooter as we will have Bubba's son James out trying to bag his first bird.

I don't even what to guess at what next Saturday will bring but as Busch Pilot always likes to say "It's going to be an adventure." and I'm sure it most certainly will.

Apr 15, 2011

They Have The Passion Weekly - Country Captures

For this weeks THTP post I decided to highlight Coy over at Country Captures.   Most of us are never far from a camera while out enjoying our outdoor passions and for most of us getting a picture is not the #1 objective of our trip.  For Coy getting the picture is his passion and being from South Central PA sure offers up some great subjects and locations.

Any image of a wood duck is tops on my list

Coy lays out his passion for wildlife photography this way.

Having been a hunter all of my life and a Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer for over two decades, my photography interest focuses predominately on wildlife. Photography allows me to interact with and observe wildlife in ways that consumptive only hunting could never hope to. My hope is that sharing my work through Country Captures will encourage others to find a deeper appreciation for our natural world.
I can't disagree with Coy on this one.  I find myself on many outdoor trips more interested in getting a good picture then hanging a tag on my game.  For me it has to do with the long childhood dream of wanting to be a wildlife videographer, but make no mistake I still want to eat.

Coy even gets to play games - Looks  like Hide & Seek to me

Coy's images are just incredible and when viewing many of them you can't hep but think about the patience and determination it takes to get up every day and go out and take a pronominal photo.  It's not really much different then getting up, strapping on the old hunting boots and grabbing your bow or gun except for the fact that you need everything to line up perfect to get that great photo but you don't need everything perfect to put venison on the table - you normally just need the animal to show up inside your shooting range and to make a good shot.  When hunting the only light we care about is the legal start and end of shooting.  Coy has to worry about too much light, or not enough, reflections, how much light to let in or not let in.  It's all still somewhat a mystery to me but I am trying to learn.

Coy's tools - looks just like the one I will use Saturday for Turkey.

Country Captures is a regular stop for me and either during or just after my visit, I often find myself daydreaming or thinking about where I can find a willing participant for a photo the way Coy did.  What I find most interesting about wildlife photography is that you have to use many of the same skill sets that we strive to perfect as hunters and it is a typical game of hunter and the hunted, expect at the end of the day you know that same animal will be waiting for you again tomorrow.

Stop in and check out Country Captures and see some of Coy's Photos and share in his passion.  I promise you will be amazed at many of his captures.

Apr 11, 2011

Finally Some Trout - Euro Nymphing Style

Had a little free time to get some fly fishing in so I headed down to the Salmon River TMA in Colchester to try and enjoy some peace and quiet before the season opens next week.   I fished the Fly Fishing only area and it was packed, so much for peace and quiet.

The Salmon River has some great water for Euro Nymphing so that was my game plan and I needed the practice.  The State forest roads were still closed from the winter so it was fish the Fly Fishing are with the rest of the pack or truck up the road and try to find some quiet water.  So I trucked on up the road away from the crowds and planned to fish my way back to the truck.

I have yet to catch a fish on my new Greys 10' 4wt streamflex so that was my rod of choice today.  My long line Euro Nymphing skills need plenty of work and at times I was so dang frustrated I almost went home but I was bound and determined to work out the kinks and get things going for 2011 and it's a good thing I am stubborn.

Typical Salmon River Pocket water

I was fishing just above the patch of water shown above when I got hung up, yanked like mad to free my flies and ended up tangled in the tree behind me.  Yup, this was just a sample of how my early attempts to bring a stupid stocked trout to net had been going.  But remember I am stubborn and as
I stood looking over this pocket of water I just knew there were fishing lying in wait so I refused to pack it in and tied on some new flies.  I decided to break out a woven polish nymph for my anchor fly and a Soft Hackle Bead Head Pheasant Tail, both of which I tied myself which was true about every fly I used on this trip which might say something for my tying skills as well.

On my third cast my mind was drifting a bit and when my coiled sighter stretched I halfheartedly set the hook, which turned out to be a mistake.  It wasn't bottom this time and as the fish came off the bottom and into the flow it turned sideways and I could see it was a football shaped rainbow.  The blood was pumping now and I kept the pressure on with the Greys 10' 4wt Streamflex and I started heading to shore and when I did she came unbuttoned.  Arrrgggghhhhhhh.

As bummed as I was, I was still smiling and was back in the game.  Another two cast in this spot and that sighter twitched and I set the hook the right way and the fight was on.  Another nice rainbow but nothing like the one I just lost.  This fish took the Pheasant Tail nymph and was brought to net to have it's picture taken and released back to fight another day.

Salmon River Stockie - took the Soft Hackle BH PT

Bye Bye Little Fishy

I picked up two more rainbows on the same fly and decided it was time to quit on a high note and head home as I had chores to do.  I was very happy with the new rod and I feel better finally getting the rust off and back into a groove which comes just in time for Connecticut's Fishing Season opener on April 16th.  It's amazing what catching a few stocked trout can do for you.

They Have The Passion Weekly

I know it's late but I was tied up with all kinds of stuff and I'm just getting around to finishing up this weeks They Have The Passion Post.

This weeks recipients certainly deserve this as they truly have the passion for the outdoors as well as outdoors blogging.  Joe and Becca are the founders of the Outdoor Blogger Network and responsible for bringing many of us outdoor bloggers together as one community under the OBN banner.

Joe and Becca

Both of them started out with their own outdoor blogs.  Joe's blog Flowing Waters was his way of sharing his journey through life which seems to revolve around fishing and water, while Becca's blog The Outdooress allowed her to share her passions for fly fishing and writing all in one place.

Joe with a 7+ lb bass

Both Joe and Becca's passion for the outdoors and blogging brought them together not only to share some water while fishing, but to share their vision for a centralized place on the web where people could find the best outdoor blogs available and that fishing trip was the beginning of OBN.  

Becca with a Bone fish from her recent trip

I'm not sure that Joe and Becca were really expecting the OBN to take off the way it has but the OBN truly has become the best place on the web to find some of the best outdoor blogs around.  It doesn't matter what your interests are, there is something for everyone at OBN and if you don't believe me just spend a few minutes reviewing the Outdoor Blog Directory at OBN.

When OBN isn't pulling outdoor bloggers together they are working hard with the outdoor industry to show just what the outdoor blogger has to offer and in doing so have worked with companies to create some incredible contests and gear giveaways which result in some first hand gear reviews.  Good stuff to say the least.

Stop on by and check out OBN as well as The Outdooress and Flowing Waters and say hello to Becca and Joe.

A big thank you to Joe and Becca for all they have done with OBN and for sharing their Passion!

Apr 6, 2011

Not just your normal giveaway

My good buddy Owl over at OwlJones.com is in a special category all by himself.  He not only has the passion for the outdoors but he has loads of fun with it as well.  So there is no surprise when I read he opened up a new fishing forum, Fish Heads, and for the grand opening he is having a contest giveaway.

Click for rules and additional information.

I know what you are thinking, oh not another one of those random number generated giveaways that I never win....  As said in my best Lee Corso voice....Not so fast my friend!   In true Owl Jones fashion you will have to work for it, be creative, oh and have some fun with it and from the looks of the available point list it will definitely be fun and creative and lots of work.

Darn, I was so excited about Owl's creativity with this giveaway that I almost forgot about the actual prizes being given away.  Rise Fishing Company has generously donated a 9' 6wt 4pc level series fly rod and reel as the main prize.  Like Owl himself, Rise is a little different as well in that they donate 20% of it's profits to fisheries conservation.  That's right, 20% of it's profits.  Now if that doesn't show they have the passion then I'm not sure what does.

Rise Level series 9' 6wt 4pc fly rod

Make sure to stop by OwlJones.com and  Rise Fishing Co. to see what each has to offer.  Make sure to check out the kids drawing contest on the Rise Fishing Co. website.  It's a great way for those young artists to show off their work and wins some amazing prizes as well.   Make sure to tell Owl you heard about it on Passinthru Outdoors - yup, I need me some points for that new rod.

Does anyone know where I can get a deal on a sky writing plane?!  :)

Apr 5, 2011

Reality TV I can get into - Streaming video of Bald Eagle next

I'm not a fan of reality TV at all, but this is one I can get into and it's a must share.  You won't see any fist bumping or someone smacking Snookie, but you will see one of the most majestic birds - The American Bald Eagle in it's natural habit as baby Eagles are born into the wild.

There is a live camera setup on an American Bald Eagle nest in Decorah, Iowa and  Bob Anderson, director of the Raptor Rescue Project, which installed the baseball-sized camera near the 80-foot-high nest, told CBS News that since the first egg was laid in February, the Ustream live footage has been viewed by 11 million people from 130 countries. On Friday, as the first egg began to hatch, more than 111,000 computers were watching the live camera at the same time.

Two of the three chicks are now hatched and part of the daily show which is just too cool to see this close up.  This is an amazing site to see and worth stoping in at http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles#utm_campaigne=synclickback&source=http://www.raptorresource.org/falcon_cams/decorah_eagle_xcel.html&medium=3064708

Here is a youtube video of one of the chicks hatching this past weekend

Now I'd watch this kind of reality TV all day if I could.  Incredible. 

Hope you enjoy it.

Apr 1, 2011

They Have The Passion - Small Stream Reflections

This weeks featured Outdoor blogger that has the PASSION is Alan (aka Brk Trt) from Small Stream Reflections.

A willing participant in Alan's Passion

For anyone that has ever fished or thought about fishing small streams with wild trout then Small Stream Reflections is a must visit blog. Alan's passions for fishing small streams that hold wild trout as well as for tying those flies, especially some beautiful streamers, for hunting those trout and I can't forget his passion for cooking, will always make for a very interesting and mouth watering read. Be warned, if you are trying to diet, then keep those rice cakes handy because most of Alan posts have a picture of food and it is hard to control your urges when you see his creations. I just now realized how those wild trout must feel when one of Alan's ties comes drifting by - Mouth a watering and an uncontrollable urge to feed.

Look at the markings on this one

Alan's posts are always filled with great images of the streams he is fishing and the fish he is catching.  I don't think there is anything more incredible looking than a wild trout, except for some of the streamers Alan is always tying up.   Alan always shares his ties and usually some history behind the flies and streamers he is tying.  

Just one of Alan's Streamer ties

There is more than just incredible pictures of wild trout and beautifully tied flies, as Alan will offer up some history lessons, gear information, book reviews,  and of course food.  Something for every fly fisherman on his blog.

So stop on by and visit Alan at Small Stream Reflections but remember, if you are like me and have a problem controling your cravings you might what to skip past the end of each fishing report or you could be faced with something like this.........

Alan's homemade corned beef hash