Apr 22, 2011

They Have The Passion Weekly - The Jersey Angler

Bart from the Jersey Angler

This weeks THTP post features Bart over at The Jersey Angler.  I know what you are thinking..Fish...in New Jersey?!  Trust me when I tell you this, there are and some beauties to be caught along with some incredible fisheries in New Jersey and the Jersey Angler will take you there.  Bart has been fly fishing for over 30 years and has a passion for all aspects of the sport of Fly Fishing.  Anyone that would bring a portable tying vise with him on a business trip either has a sickness or a serious passion and that should tell you something about Bart's passion for fly fishing.

Bart is also currently serving as the President of Central Jersery Trout Unlimited and is also heavily involved in conservation of our cold water resources.  Bart has the passion for trout and fly fishing for sure and is working to ensure that we continue have places to pursue our passion for fishing.

A nice brown that fell to one of Bart's ties

As someone who is still very green when it comes to fly fishing and fly tying, people like Bart and sites like the Jersey Angler are an important piece of my fly fishing development as they offer up many great tips and tricks related to fly fishing and fly tying and help drive my passion with pictures of large trout.  Bart has some incredible fish pictures on his blog and I prefer the ones that include the fly he caught the fish on the best - like the one above.

There is always something of interest for fly fisherman at The Jersey Angler.  If it is not a fishing trip report with great pictures of some incredible fish, then it is information about fly tying or conservation.  You can even catch a gear review or two.  Stop on by and say hello to Bart and check out his blog.

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