Apr 6, 2011

Not just your normal giveaway

My good buddy Owl over at OwlJones.com is in a special category all by himself.  He not only has the passion for the outdoors but he has loads of fun with it as well.  So there is no surprise when I read he opened up a new fishing forum, Fish Heads, and for the grand opening he is having a contest giveaway.

Click for rules and additional information.

I know what you are thinking, oh not another one of those random number generated giveaways that I never win....  As said in my best Lee Corso voice....Not so fast my friend!   In true Owl Jones fashion you will have to work for it, be creative, oh and have some fun with it and from the looks of the available point list it will definitely be fun and creative and lots of work.

Darn, I was so excited about Owl's creativity with this giveaway that I almost forgot about the actual prizes being given away.  Rise Fishing Company has generously donated a 9' 6wt 4pc level series fly rod and reel as the main prize.  Like Owl himself, Rise is a little different as well in that they donate 20% of it's profits to fisheries conservation.  That's right, 20% of it's profits.  Now if that doesn't show they have the passion then I'm not sure what does.

Rise Level series 9' 6wt 4pc fly rod

Make sure to stop by OwlJones.com and  Rise Fishing Co. to see what each has to offer.  Make sure to check out the kids drawing contest on the Rise Fishing Co. website.  It's a great way for those young artists to show off their work and wins some amazing prizes as well.   Make sure to tell Owl you heard about it on Passinthru Outdoors - yup, I need me some points for that new rod.

Does anyone know where I can get a deal on a sky writing plane?!  :)

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