Apr 29, 2011

A few more 2011 Connecticut Turkeys

Connecticut's 2011 Turkey season has been open for 3 days now and I've been stuck in the office all week, man I need a new job.  Maybe one that allows me to hunt and fish all day, every day.  Anyone know of any openings?

So the second of CT's two youth turkey hutning days was this past Saturday and I awoke to rain, wind and even snow flakes - and they were sticking to the grass even.  After checking in with the boys it was decided that we crawl back into the sack and see how it is a little later in the morning.  Well about 8:30ish the rain lightened up enough to make a run to provate land, but my daughter and I had to back out as we had family coming in from out of state for the holiday and the wife needed our help.  That's okay because Busch Pilot and Bubba took Bubba's son James - aka Little Bubba - out for a run at some birds and it is a good thing they did.  Little bubba scored on a pair of soaking wet jakes that just couldn't resist checking out that crazy hen making all that noise in the rain.  This was Little Bubba's first ever turkeys and he was excited and I think he forgot about how wet he was.
Busch Pilot & the victory sign after running down one of Little Bubba's Jakes

Little Bubba with his rain soaked Jakes

Busch Pilot has been at it since the opener where he had to contend with some other hunters with a not so nice attitude.  It's a good thing I wasn't there because I am no where as nice and as patient as BP is.  Anyway BP didn't get any shooting in but he did work a few birds.  Busch Pilot does his homework and he has been on the look out for Chief - the tom with a missing tail feather that my daughter missed on youth day -  and BP had him put to bed the other night and at just after 7am the next day Chief stepped out and gave BP a perfect shot and down he went.  There was another tom with Chief and all he had to do was to walk away but he stayed around and BP gave him the same welcome he gave Chief.  My daughter is a little unhappy that BP got Chief, but she says she will just shoot a bigger one.  Gotta love that confidence.

Busch Pilots 2011 Toms

Bubba finally got out as well and during my 7:30am check in with him he had only seen one hen and it was quiet.  For the piece of land he was hunting, this isn't a good sign and it wasn't looking very promising.  It wasn't long after that Bubba started working a bird and a lone jake came running right in to the setup.  With 3 private land turkey tags in his pocket and turkey poppers on his mind, Bubba never hesitated and down went the jake.

Bubba's 2011 Jake

Just a few Connecticut Turkeys showing off their 2011 birds
So let's take inventory here.

Kaleigh - 1
Little Bubba  - 2
Busch Pilot - 2
Bubba - 1

OUCH!  I better get on the stick and get in the woods.  Hopefully tomorrow will be my day, but with turkey hunting you just never know what is going to happen and that is one of the reasons we all love turkey hunting - Every outing brings hope, disappointment frustration and hopefully success.  But no matter what the day holds for you as a turkey hunter it always serves to drive the passion. 

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  1. It's definitely your turn to get in the woods and get a turkey.. but the smiles and excitement in the photos above say it all!! Great post!