Apr 29, 2011

Guest Post - Why I want my own Fly Fishing outfit

I love the fact that my daughter wants to spend time in the outdoors enjoying many of our great traditions of hunting, shooting and fishing but I have to tell you that she is a little to dang good for the rest of us and if you don't belive me jsut read her short post on why she wants her own Fly Fishign outfit.

Guest blog written by my Daughter Kaleigh.

I even tried putting the handle on the wrong side and she still fishes

There are many reasons why I would like to have a my own fly fishing setup. But here is only a few of them.

In my family I am the only girl old enough to"play with the big boys" and when it comes to hunting and fishing trips, there are times I feel like Ruldolph when they won't let him play in any reindeer games.  Oh they take me fishing and hunting but I know they try to make it unfair for me by giving me the old equipment or the dead bait.

They started trying to find ways to tie my hands because I would catch more fish than them.  Put your own bait on the hook was their first try, but that didn't stop me - well unless it is a gross wiggly worm. I guess he got so annoyed with me catching more fish and bigger fish than him so my dad took up a type of fishing that seemed to complex for me. Watching him flyfish and catch nothing but grass was quite amusing but he got the hang of it.  That was okay because I still could fish against my brother and beat hime, but then he got my brother into fly fhishing.   So know they claim because I can't flyfish that any fishign contest isn't fair and that to be fair I had to learn how to fly fish.  

Kaliegh with a PA smallmouth bass in 2010 - yes she did out fish grandpa and I

I had to wonder if I could do it because it sure seems complicated but I kept bugging dad to let me try so he started me out casting in the yard.  I am normally right handed and was doing okay but then I asked to try it with my left hand and he just laughed.  Well I did and I casted even better.  Since these lessons and me casting with both hands, my dad always has an excuse when I ask to try the fly rod on the water.  It's too windy, to many trees, too much sun.  I know he is just afraid I would catch up to his level and catch even more fish.

The only chance I have now is to get my own fly fishing pole then I wouldn't have to bug my dad about letting me use his to practice. I could just go to the garage and get my own and not need to ask him.  I would like to learn enough to be able to have my own setup and go on the annual family fly fishing  trip and competition that my dad, brother grandpa and uncle go on ever year and  to beat them with my own pole.  That would just be an exhillerating feeling!

After reading this I might just have to ground her or something.  Althought she may be on to something about me being afraid of her being better than me.  Just the other evening we went scouting for turkey's and she spotted every single one before I did and they were NOT easy to spot.  What was even funnier was her comment as we were leaving the fields - "You better stop by the firehouse so they can hose me off because I am on FIRE!".  She sure was on fire.  Man I hate teenagers.  :)


  1. You buy them books, send them to school and they kick the teacher's A**! Doesn't that just beat all.

  2. Get the fly rod. It will provide you with a life long passion. Its not complicated at all, and i am sure you will get it in no time. start tying too.

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