Apr 11, 2011

They Have The Passion Weekly

I know it's late but I was tied up with all kinds of stuff and I'm just getting around to finishing up this weeks They Have The Passion Post.

This weeks recipients certainly deserve this as they truly have the passion for the outdoors as well as outdoors blogging.  Joe and Becca are the founders of the Outdoor Blogger Network and responsible for bringing many of us outdoor bloggers together as one community under the OBN banner.

Joe and Becca

Both of them started out with their own outdoor blogs.  Joe's blog Flowing Waters was his way of sharing his journey through life which seems to revolve around fishing and water, while Becca's blog The Outdooress allowed her to share her passions for fly fishing and writing all in one place.

Joe with a 7+ lb bass

Both Joe and Becca's passion for the outdoors and blogging brought them together not only to share some water while fishing, but to share their vision for a centralized place on the web where people could find the best outdoor blogs available and that fishing trip was the beginning of OBN.  

Becca with a Bone fish from her recent trip

I'm not sure that Joe and Becca were really expecting the OBN to take off the way it has but the OBN truly has become the best place on the web to find some of the best outdoor blogs around.  It doesn't matter what your interests are, there is something for everyone at OBN and if you don't believe me just spend a few minutes reviewing the Outdoor Blog Directory at OBN.

When OBN isn't pulling outdoor bloggers together they are working hard with the outdoor industry to show just what the outdoor blogger has to offer and in doing so have worked with companies to create some incredible contests and gear giveaways which result in some first hand gear reviews.  Good stuff to say the least.

Stop on by and check out OBN as well as The Outdooress and Flowing Waters and say hello to Becca and Joe.

A big thank you to Joe and Becca for all they have done with OBN and for sharing their Passion!


  1. Nice and well deserved tribute to the brilliant minds behind the OBN.
    Where would we all be without them?
    Lost in cyberspace I think.

  2. I wanted to drop in and say thank you for this post. Gave me a huge smile =)
    I have to say, the OBN has far exceeded our hopes we had when we first bought the domain name and on the other hand, it's become exactly what we dreamed of. A great place to bring everyone together, forge new friendships and share all of our enjoyment of the Outdoors.

    And one thing we hope everyone realizes, the OBN would be nothing without you and everyone else, so we appreciate you!!