Apr 1, 2011

They Have The Passion - Small Stream Reflections

This weeks featured Outdoor blogger that has the PASSION is Alan (aka Brk Trt) from Small Stream Reflections.

A willing participant in Alan's Passion

For anyone that has ever fished or thought about fishing small streams with wild trout then Small Stream Reflections is a must visit blog. Alan's passions for fishing small streams that hold wild trout as well as for tying those flies, especially some beautiful streamers, for hunting those trout and I can't forget his passion for cooking, will always make for a very interesting and mouth watering read. Be warned, if you are trying to diet, then keep those rice cakes handy because most of Alan posts have a picture of food and it is hard to control your urges when you see his creations. I just now realized how those wild trout must feel when one of Alan's ties comes drifting by - Mouth a watering and an uncontrollable urge to feed.

Look at the markings on this one

Alan's posts are always filled with great images of the streams he is fishing and the fish he is catching.  I don't think there is anything more incredible looking than a wild trout, except for some of the streamers Alan is always tying up.   Alan always shares his ties and usually some history behind the flies and streamers he is tying.  

Just one of Alan's Streamer ties

There is more than just incredible pictures of wild trout and beautifully tied flies, as Alan will offer up some history lessons, gear information, book reviews,  and of course food.  Something for every fly fisherman on his blog.

So stop on by and visit Alan at Small Stream Reflections but remember, if you are like me and have a problem controling your cravings you might what to skip past the end of each fishing report or you could be faced with something like this.........

Alan's homemade corned beef hash


  1. Those are some beautiful baby trout and nice post, I'll stop by to visit.

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