Apr 11, 2011

Finally Some Trout - Euro Nymphing Style

Had a little free time to get some fly fishing in so I headed down to the Salmon River TMA in Colchester to try and enjoy some peace and quiet before the season opens next week.   I fished the Fly Fishing only area and it was packed, so much for peace and quiet.

The Salmon River has some great water for Euro Nymphing so that was my game plan and I needed the practice.  The State forest roads were still closed from the winter so it was fish the Fly Fishing are with the rest of the pack or truck up the road and try to find some quiet water.  So I trucked on up the road away from the crowds and planned to fish my way back to the truck.

I have yet to catch a fish on my new Greys 10' 4wt streamflex so that was my rod of choice today.  My long line Euro Nymphing skills need plenty of work and at times I was so dang frustrated I almost went home but I was bound and determined to work out the kinks and get things going for 2011 and it's a good thing I am stubborn.

Typical Salmon River Pocket water

I was fishing just above the patch of water shown above when I got hung up, yanked like mad to free my flies and ended up tangled in the tree behind me.  Yup, this was just a sample of how my early attempts to bring a stupid stocked trout to net had been going.  But remember I am stubborn and as
I stood looking over this pocket of water I just knew there were fishing lying in wait so I refused to pack it in and tied on some new flies.  I decided to break out a woven polish nymph for my anchor fly and a Soft Hackle Bead Head Pheasant Tail, both of which I tied myself which was true about every fly I used on this trip which might say something for my tying skills as well.

On my third cast my mind was drifting a bit and when my coiled sighter stretched I halfheartedly set the hook, which turned out to be a mistake.  It wasn't bottom this time and as the fish came off the bottom and into the flow it turned sideways and I could see it was a football shaped rainbow.  The blood was pumping now and I kept the pressure on with the Greys 10' 4wt Streamflex and I started heading to shore and when I did she came unbuttoned.  Arrrgggghhhhhhh.

As bummed as I was, I was still smiling and was back in the game.  Another two cast in this spot and that sighter twitched and I set the hook the right way and the fight was on.  Another nice rainbow but nothing like the one I just lost.  This fish took the Pheasant Tail nymph and was brought to net to have it's picture taken and released back to fight another day.

Salmon River Stockie - took the Soft Hackle BH PT

Bye Bye Little Fishy

I picked up two more rainbows on the same fly and decided it was time to quit on a high note and head home as I had chores to do.  I was very happy with the new rod and I feel better finally getting the rust off and back into a groove which comes just in time for Connecticut's Fishing Season opener on April 16th.  It's amazing what catching a few stocked trout can do for you.


  1. Nice report.
    The Salmon is a fine stream, and you can find some quiet if you are willing to walk.
    The weather looks to be wet on opening day.

  2. Nice job ! I've never tried the Euro nymphing thing but I do love the old soft-hackled bead head pheasant tail

  3. On the Big Hole, if I nymph I usually "high stick 'em" with short line & big weighted stoneflies. But the Euro thing looks fun. Still winter here, hoping for a warm (50 deg F would do) afternoon.

  4. Planning to be introduced to the Salmon this year. I'm from Mass and usually Euro the Swift River below the Quabbin. A friend of mine says the Salmon is full of pocket water, so we're gong to find out. Good for you sticking to Euro. I expect by now 1.1.13 you're a pro. Perhaps I'll see you on the water.
    Tight lines.
    Bob O