Oct 22, 2010

Cell Phone Photos

One thing I am never without is a camera.  I prefer to tote along the Nikon D90 or the Canon Rebel but there are times that lugging around the big boys just isn't feasible and that is where the 5 megapixel camera on my Motorola droid comes in handy.  It takes up very little space and allows me to still take good quality pictures.  I have used my cell phone camera many times to take a shot of something that has caught my interest just as I'm sure many of you have.

Below are some of my favorites and I encourage you to share yours.

Early Morning at Race Rock, Long Island Sound

My first Penns Creek Brown Trout

Now that's how you get a deer out of the woods
View of the Delaware Water Gap from the top
Bluegill on the Fly Rod


  1. no way the camera in my blackberry is that good. I think it is a 3mp but i am not sure. great shots!

  2. Those are some really nice photos! Some of the cell phone cameras are quite good. Thank you for sharing your talent and your pictures.

  3. Great photos.

    I remember the deer trolly from before.

    The DWG pic is nice.


  4. As an old geezer, it utterly amazes me the quality photos that I see coming from cell phones these days. Heck, it amazes me that you can even TAKE a picture with a telephone! I remember party lines, if that tells you anything!

  5. Those really are awesome pics and I have to say that I love the bicycle/cart/deer hauler contraption. That rocks!