Jul 22, 2011

Now that's a nice fish

Seeing I haven't been fishing in a few weeks I have to live through those that have been on the water.  Capt Scottie and Dylan had booked a trip with Capt Blaine Anderson of Anderson Guide Service with the intention of learning live bait techniques for Striped Bass fishing and from the picutres that I've seen and the verbal recap of their trip, I'm going to say they learned plenty.

Scott and Dylan with a pair of linesiders
Both Scott and Dylan have been really getting into saltwater fishing over the past two years and most of that has been fishing for fluke, sea bass and scup with a little tinkering thrown in on the striped bass side.  One of Dylan's goals was to learn a little bit about live lining for stripers and as a graduation / Brithday present him and his dad would spend a morning with Blaine learning and catching.  Now I hope they learned enough to teach me because Dylan has now caught a bass bigger then me and it has been just exhausting listening to him remind everyone of his catch and fishing prowess.

Dylan's personal best linesider - 48inches

I'm happy for both of them as I'm sure this is a launchpad for great success in their saltwater adventures.  Stop by Blaine's blog to see more pics and read up on their outing.

Congrats on some great fish guys!

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  1. Now that's a whooper! Glad to see even seasoned fisherman can learn something new.