Aug 26, 2011

My New Camera - Olympus TG 310 Review

I had an unfortunate accident with my wife's new Canon Rebel T2i a month ago while our fishing the pond at my office one evening with my daughter.  I was sitting on the side of the pond taking pictures of Kaleigh fishing with her new fly rod and put the camera down and went over to help my daughter out.  About 30 minutes later we decided to leave so we gathered up our gear and headed to the truck.  On our way home we saw 4 deer on the side of the road and stopped to take a picture and that is when it hit me.  The camera was still at the pond.  I raced back to the pond and began to frantically search the area and tear my truck apart only to find no camera.  Kaleigh and I started around the pond in opposite directions for what I knew was a fruitless look because I could see the grass all around the pond and the camera was no where.  As we did I heard Kaleigh call me and when I turned around my stomach twisted in knots as I saw her lift the camera out of the water.  I knew I was going to catch heck for this one.  I was sick to my stomach knowing that this was my fault and I had no clue how it happened.

Olympus TG-310

I thought for sure my wife was going to hang me, but instead of making it worse she went out and bought me a new camera for my fishing adventures.  I now have a Olympus Stylus TG-310 that is both waterproof and shock proof which is a lot safer for me and exactly what I wanted.  I'm sure this purchase wasn't meant to make me feel better, but to keep me away from her cameras instead.  Well it worked.

From the Olympus Website
Tough on action, but soft on your budget. This Tough camera captures high-quality pictures and HD video of all your family's adventures. Waterproof, Shockproof and Freezeproof, the TG-310 is the perfect camera for a family ski vacation or just an afternoon by the pool. Reliable and economical – an ideal combination.
The TG-310 is a nice little 14megapixel compact camera at just 3.8"W x 2.5"H x 0.9"D.  This camera fits anywhere and fits nicely in my fishing vest.  It doesn't float which is probably a good thing when wading in the water, but not so good when in a boat.  I solved the floating issue by adding a couple of large fishing floats to the wrist strap.  They get in the way a little bit but I figured they are worth it in the long run,especially when wading in deep water or fishing from the boat. 

Taken with the TG-310 during an early morning fishing trip
It is amazing at the number of features on this little camera from the typical standard shooting mode feature like Landscape, macro and sport mode to feature like automatically taking a picture when your pet's face is detected  or the panorama option or even the new 3D feature.  Way more features then I need but once you get the hang of how easy the shooting modes are to select and set it's no problem at all.  I especially like the one touch video feature that allows you to take HD 720P video with the push of a button.  No need to go into a video mode, just it the little red button to start and then again to stop.  The mic is on the back panel so it pics up the shooters sound better then those you are taking video of but I like it.   You can even take movies underwater which the kids used in the pool this summer.

The TG-310 has a 3.6x optical zoom with a 2.7" LCD screen.  I am always shooting outdoors and I would have liked a larger zoom , but the upper end models of the TG offer a larger zoom if you really need it.   The TG-310 is also listed as Freezeproof but I will have to test this out during the late waterfowl season.

Penns Creek Brown captured with the TG-310

There is a lot to this camera so make sure you take the time to read the manual and understand the features or you will get frustrated.  I am extremely happy with this camera and very pleased with the image results and thankful that my wife didn't kill me.

If you are in the market for a new point and shoot camera to take along on all your outdoor adventures make sure to give the Olympus TG-310 or any of the TOUGH series cameras a try.

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated in any way for this review.  This product was purchased by us and the opinions and comments in the above post are mine and mine only.


  1. I have an Olympus and it is a great camera. You will enjoy yours

  2. My camera just took a swim during a clamming trip. I've been researching waterproof cameras for the past two weeks and it was between this one and another. This post just made up my mind after seeing that crisp picture. Thanks for sharing and making up my mind!

  3. Those pics look very sharp and crisp, nice camera! We also have "his" and "hers" cameras to maintain marital peace. In fact I have retained an additional older camera for those trips that are very dangerous for electronics, but the waterproof camera sounds like a better solution. Thanks for the post!

  4. Sorry to hear about the t2i incident.

    Great idea on adding a float to the camera. I have an Pentax Optio W90 with features very similar to the Olympus. Worth looking at if someone is in the market for such a camera.

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