Nov 22, 2011

Nov. 21st Goose Hunt Report

The Admiral retrieving a goose - Good Boy!!
The goose season reopened in our zone yesterday and even with gun season for deer in full swing we knew we just had to hit the  farm for some shooting, especially seeing we only got two hunts in prior to the close of the first split.

The usual characters made the early morning trip to the farm on an overcast, windy but usually warm morning.  Everyone has a job to do when we get there and the trucks are barely to a stop as we jump out and get to business of unloading the decoys and building a blind.  We had 3 dozen full bodies and 2 dozen shells for this mornings hunt which is about 4 dozen too many as far as Busch Pilot is concerned.  His philosophy is the more we put out the more we have to pick up and he reminds us as we are loading up the trucks the day before and about 5 times during setup but we just ignore him.

Hero shot with a 5 man limit
With all the work done we hunkered down in the blind thinking it was going to take a while for the geese to move seeing it was overcast and windy, but we caught a flock of geese that surprised us as they flew over the far side of the field and wanted nothing to do with our spread.  Then we had a single come over the trees already committed to the spread.  We think it is the same single we've seen on the last two outings that we couldn't convince in.  This day she committed and we let Busch Pilot and Damon do the shooting with Bubba backing them up and it was a good thing Bubba was backing them up, trust me.  It didn't take long after that  when a flock was coming right down the field and committed to the decoys early as we got all excited thinking we could knock a limit out of these 25 birds only to end up producing one for the pile.  Man were we rusty.  The next flock came in and we dropped a couple more, but still our shooting was off, but it improved on the next to volleys and we had a a 5 man limit and it was only 7:34am.   The birds kept coming so we frantically hurried about the task of  tearing the blind down and getting  the spread picked up and  out of the field so the birds could just pile in hopefully making for a good hunt on Friday.

Damon's showing off his bling!

These geese wanted in and we were obviously on the X and could have left our calls at home, but we used them just to give the geese a fighting chance.  Damon got his first band which was a special treat, especially seeing he just started goose hunting this year.  The bird was banded in CT back in 2008 and obviously sticks around the area.

As usual, time in the blind, however short, was filled with lots of laughs and good times with friends as we share the passion.


  1. I love shooting those big honkers! Sounds like a fun trip!

  2. Looks like you fellas had a great day! Good luck with the rest of your season.

    BTW... Saturday, I saw (6) mallards in my "beaver" ditch/pond.

  3. Nice job with the goose destruction. Field hunting must be a lot of fun. I plan to get out after thanksgiving.

  4. I knew that beaver ditch would produce some ducks for you @LB. Have to get some shooting in after deer season.

    Field hunting is a blast. just amazing to see 100s of birds and watch them work. Really cool.