Mar 27, 2012

Shout out to Rick at Whitetail Woods

Have to give a quick shout out to Rick from Whitetail Woods.  Rick was running a great little giveaway that I was fortunate enough to win so Rick and I met up yesterday so I could collect my booty and talk outdoors.  I have featured Rick in my They Have the Passion posts and Rick's blog is always on my reading list as Rick does a fantastic job putting out tons of usual information, recipes and recaps from his outdoor pursuits.

The prize pack included:

I watched the DVD last night and couldn't sleep with all the gobbling and visions of strutting longbeards going on in my head.  I will be practicing with my new call tonight and hopefully getting those sweet looking decals on my truck.  Can't wait for the Camo jacket to come in either as I will most certainly be sporting that around town for sure.  Thanks to the companies above for participating in Rick's Giveaway and to Rick for sharing his outdoor passions with his readers.

Make sure you stop by and check out Rick's blog at:

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  1. Thank you as well for those kind words. Us who partake in what nature has to offer are a breed all to ourselves and I for one would not have it any other way.