Jul 27, 2012

Summer Fishing Nibbles

The summer has been super busy for me and extremely hot with little rain so my fishing outings have been limited so not much to report on my end.  Here are a few summer fishing bits and pieces.

Catch and Release Summer fishing post from Greenfish.

The only sound is the water running over the rocks. The pool, the one you’ve been staking out for the past few days, is still, but for the gentle current seams coiling effortlessly downstream.

You know the fish are circling slowly in a pocket above a big sunken rock, facing upstream. You spotted them from up on the bank, before quietly walking up the shoreline and setting up for the cast.

Just as you pull the line off your reel, a rainbow trout bolts out of the water chasing an insect that just hatched. Low-hanging branches on both sides and a small pool means nailing the first cast is everything. You make an accurate back cast and get the drift right. Slight mend … wait … wait…
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For those New England Saltwater fisherman make sure to check out the July issue of On the Water Magazine for some great articles on Live lining scup for striped bass or some tube and worm tips and even some offshore articles.  Something to get your thinking and the blood flowing.  you can get the online versions by subscribing here:  http://www.onthewater.com/magazine/online/

For those within driving distance to the Housatonic River in Northwest Connecticut there is a site that must be witnessed and it is the arrival of the white fly.  The white fly hatch is underway and that means lots of Smallmouth bass looking up and some big boys at that.  When the hatch is in full swing it is similar to a white out in a snow storm.  It is a must event to see and fish for those in the area and worth the trip if you can make it.  Check out the Housatonic River Outfitters facebook page for some recent pictures and make sure to stop in to HRO on your visit for the latest information and some flies.  If you need a place to camp, check out the Housatonic Meadows State Park. Get to the river QUICK!

Photo courtesy of Bluecrab.info - click the image to visit them

It's also that time of year to chase some tasty blue crabs along the Connecticut shoreline.  Stop by the Blue Crab Blog for some great information on Blue Crabs and updated Blue Crab fishing reports local to Long Island Sound. Another great siteis the Bluecrab.Info page which is  loaded with information about Blue Crabs that covers everything from identification and anatomy, to how to catch, cook and eat them as well as a user forum dedicated to blue crab and those who chase them. Blue Crabbing is a great way to spend time with the family while enjoying the great outdoors and it doesn't take a large investment in equipment.  Just some string and a way to secure some bait to it and a net and you will have loads of laughs and some tasty crabs for dinner.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and taking advantage of the great weather and all the outdoor opportunities that exist right now.  Remember to get outside, be safe, have fun and Share the Passion!

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