Feb 4, 2013

Introducing Jackson

Sorry for the lack of blog posts, but I've been a little tied up with work, holidays, trying to get a little hunting in and dealing with our new family member Jackson.

Spellcast Jackson Steal a Peek (Venetian's Copy That x Spellcast Peek a Boo)

Jackson is our new Chocolate lab that joined our family on December 23rd and he has added a new level of energy across the family.  Most of us are a little extra tired and could use some additional sleep, but other then that plenty of laughs and lots of smiles going around.
The day Jackson picked our family!

Jackson with my son & daughter
Jackson turned 13 weeks old last week and weighed in at a whopping 29.2lbs and is one healthy and happy puppy.  We have been working on socialization and some basic obedience as well as creating a drive to retrieve because after all he will be spending plenty of time in the duck and goose blinds this coming fall.

Jackson meets Hannah for the first time.
This week, Jackson and I will start working with a local trainer as part of our goals to have a wonderful hunting companion. Look forward to plenty of Jackson updates as he grows and we progress with our training.

 Little Video clip of Jackson being Jackson

Recent clip showing how big Jackson has gotten.

Hannah wanted me to tell everyone not to forget about her and that she is doing well and has learned to love the youngster, and yes she is a little tired herself.

Hannah taking advantage of the quiet time.


  1. I, too, got a dog recently! Addie (Adirondack) my golden retriever came home just before Thanksgiving. It's so fun to have her in the house! Good to see you back on here Jim.

  2. It seems we our all getting dogs. Just this past May we got our new family member "Dallas". She is part German Shepard and part Lab. Dogs do seem to add a sense of happiness to any family and I look forward to hearing about her progress.

  3. Good Luck with the new family member. I am sure Jackson will give you years of comfort and service. Good looking dog too.

  4. That's a good looking pup! Enjoy the new member of the family!

  5. Thanks for the comments. Everyday there is something new he learns or decides he doesn't want to do. Fun and frustration all rolled into one. New update and pics coming soon.