Sep 30, 2013

Countdown to Our Saskatchewan Watefowl Hunting Trip

There are just 12 days left until we head out to Saskatchewan for a week long waterfowl hunt.  This will be a first for most of our crew and to say we are excited wouldn't really put into words just how jazzed up we are for this trip.

Saskatchewan once known as "The World's Bread Basket" because it produces over half the wheat grown in Canada, which is obviously good for all those migrating ducks and geese as they need to fatten up for their long migrations south.  It is also known as the " Land of the Living Skies" due to the incredible sunsets, northern lights and ofcourse WATERFOWL!  Every waterfowler has heard about those hunts where the skies are thick with waterfowl that they almost black out the sun.  I've seen video from previous hunts that one of our guys has been on and it was darn close to a black out, now I hope to see it for myself.

Planning for any hunt is important, even for just a day but for a week long hunt out of the country it requires a little more effort and stress.   In the end as long as our guns show up, some clothes and our licenses don't get lost we should be good to go!

I don't know what our access to the world will be up there but hopefully I can post some live updates from the field as well as nightly report.

Wish us luck!

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