Apr 15, 2014

Connecticut Opening Day of Fishing April 19, 2014

Finally after a long hard winter, the weather has finally warmed up enough to feel like spring here in Connecticut and that means fishing season is just around the corner.  Actually the season opener is just  5 days away.  For many opening day is more about traditions then the fishing.  That means fishing the same spot with many of the same folks, maybe even camping out or stopping by one of the many fisherman breakfasts that will be happening around the state.

Salmon River, Colchester CT

For me the tradition of opening day has long faded, mostly because as my kids were growing up opening day conflicted with other opening days like baseball.  Also with many Trout Management Areas open to year round fishing, I no longer have to wait for opening day to wet a line and chase some trout.  But I still enjoying seeing others as they work on their opening days plans and preparations.  For me I will most likely spend the early morning out in the woods scouting for turkeys, but I will most certainly stop by my local fisherman's breakfast and then head home to get ready for the family invasion for our Easter celebration and maybe, just maybe I will even run down to the lake and wet a line just to say I fished the opener.

Willimantic River Rainbow Trout

So for all those heading out on opening day in hopes of catching that wall hanger, here are some links with great information on fishing in Connecticut.

DEEP's Fishing Website

Everything you need to know about fishing in Connecticut can be found on the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection's (DEEP) website.   Here you can get information about licenses and permits and even make an online purchase.  Review the 2014 Anglers Guide for the latest fishing regulations and a list of lakes, pond, rivers and streams opening to fishing.   Don't forget to review the Stocking Reports and maybe even subscriber to the weekly fishing reports.  If you have young ones that like to fish or you are introducing to fishing for the first time stop by the Youth Fishing Passport page for all kinds of great information and special events for the young fisherman.  Don't forget to stop by the Connecticut Fish and Wildlife Facebook page so you can share photos from your trips and to get the latest information available.

Check those water levels

I am always checking the water levels of the streams and rivers I plan to fish, especially after we've had some rain.  Spring showers can blow out a stream or river quickly and using the USGS Website.  You can use these water reports to view current conditions, see the median levels over the course of many years and  to use it to gauge how quickly a body of water returns to normal levels after a rain.

Whatever your opening day plans and traditions are I wish you a very safe, fun and successful day.

Now get out on the water and enjoy!


  1. I am for sure looking forward to trout season but years ago I stopped going out on opening day because I don't like fighting for a spot to fish. I usually wait a week or two for most of them to give up and just the diehard fisherman are left.

  2. come fish VA Rick! always good fishing, and year round season!just did a blog post on it. Also check out my ducknbuck spinnerflies, they work magic on the trout!

  3. Over the Years we have used "opening day" as the start of spring. During years where we enjoyed a mild winter we usually went bass fishing since they were around. I have also used opening day to go dig clams. When I was little know one knew what trout fishing was because everyone was flounder fishing. But every year we all got together to go fishing on the third Saturday in April. Good luck with your turkeys and breakfast.