May 14, 2010

Connecticut Trails Day 2010

A quote from the Connecticut Trails Day 2010 celebration booklet says it all....."Get ready to find your happy place in Connecticut! ."  June 5 & 6 marks the weekend long Connecticut Trails Day celebration being held all over Connecticut with hundreds of scheduled events spread out all over Connecticut.  With 139 state parks and forest in Connecticut you are sure to find something that offers up a wonderful time in the great outdoors.  There are Hikes, Educational and Nature walks, canoeing and kyaking events, geocaching trips and even good old trail maintenance opportunities spread across 88 towns so I'm sure you can find something that interests you and fits into your schedule.  Another great thing about this celebration is all state park and forest fees will be waived for these events.  So start planning your Trails Day celebration by reviewing all the events available during this 2 day celebration.

On a side note,  I'm proud of the fact that the company I work for is a proud sponsor of Connecticut Trails Day and even though i will not be participating in any of these events, I will be enjoying the great outdoors in Central Pennsylvania as I take my first trip to fish the famed Penns Creek where i hope to catch a glimpse of the infamous Green Drake.

More information can be found using the following links.

CT Trails Day Celebration website
CT Trails Day Celebration booklet (PDF File)
CT Trails Day supplement (PDF File)

Start planning and enjoy the celebration and don't forget to share your happy place with someone else.

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  1. Best of luck up at Penns! I'd love to go up there during the green drake hatch. Maybe I should plan a trip in the near future.