May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

As we enter the spring season can anyone honestly think of a better season to celebrate Mothers Day?  As we come out of Winter,  Spring brings new life every day.  The grass is growing and showing it's enticing green color and comfortable thickness.  Trees are full of new leaves and blooms.  Flowers are starting to peak from the ground with their endless array of colors.  Birds are returning to build new nests to raise their young and newborn animals are starting to show the eagerness to explore.  What better time of the year to celebrate those who have given us new life - Our MOTHERS.

To my Mother, my Wife, My Stepmother and Mother-in-law:

I wish all of you a very Happy Mother's day and thank you for putting up with as well as encouraging my outdoor passions. 

Thank you for.......
  • fighting through all those early morning wake ups.
  • for not killing me when you have to move those containers of worms in the fridge or move buckets of bait out of your way.
  • putting up with the piles of smelly, dirty hunting clothes sprawled out all over the house as we prepare or unpack.
  • for not complaining about the deer hanging in the tree or garage.
  • for sitting there worrying about me while I am out running around the woods or standing in the middle of a river.
  • for not killing me for not calling and telling you I am going to be late.
  • for understanding when I don't make it to dinner or a party because I am out in the woods.
  • For allowing me to chase my passions.
Happy Mothers Day and I love you all very much.

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