Jan 17, 2014

Sharing my Christmas Present with my Followers

I must have been a good boy last year because Santa left me a Peterson Guide to Birds of North America 2014 Daily Desktop calendar.  Every day I get to learn about a new bird and refresh myself on some I already know. 

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Along with some very colorful images of the birds there is a description of the bird, details about the bird's size, the habitat it lives in and even the sounds it makes.  There is also a range map image in the lower right corner.

So in keeping with my Backyard Birds theme lately, I will be sharing the daily bird with you and all you have to do is follow along on our PassinthruOutdoors Facebook page or my @PTOutdoors Twitter feed.

If you want to learn more about a specific bird I suggest you stop by the Cornell - All about birds home page and use their Browse for a bird by name and shape ID section.



  1. That sounds like a very helpful book to have. I to love to watch my birds around the feeders, it's very relaxing.

  2. During the winter I notice all kinds of sea birds when duck hunting. I have been gifted a 3 volume bird guide and I am saving for a spotting scope so I can figure out what birds are really out there. I highly recommend a visit to Long Island Sound on a nice winter day. You will be amazed buy the birds and waterfowl which spend the winter here.

  3. Look like a great book.
    Our roe hunting with our dogs seems to be finished now. We have to end of January. But now we got some Cold wheather and we had a lot of water on our hunting area. So there are a thin ice and some snow on top. Very dangerous for our dogs. But we had a great season with no snow and Cold until now.