Nov 13, 2014

Saskatchewan 2014 Waterfowl Hunt Teaser

It's been a couple of weeks since we got back from a week long waterfowl hunt in Bladworth Saskatchewan with LivingSky Outfitters.  This is our second trip with LivingSky and arriving in camp and seeing owners Trevor and Jeff and the rest of the guides and crew it felt like a family reunion.  Such a  great group of folks that work hard to make your week of hunting the duck factory everything you ever dreamed off.  We have hundreds of pictures and hours upon hours of video to get through and sort out so for now here is a few pics and short video clip to keep everyone happy.

Snow Geese were the main attraction.
I've never seen so many snow geese in one spot.  The larger water where they were roosting couldn't fit another goose even if you lubed him up and used a shoe horn.  Just amazing.    Look down the horizon in the picture above and those are all snow geese.

5 man limit of snow geese and ducks - 140 birds

The ducks loved to come into the snow goose spread so if you wanted to you could shoot ducks and snows in one hunt and which we did a couple of times.

Sand Hill crane mission accomplished.

The weather was warm and the Sand Hill cranes were still around in huge numbers and one of our guys had been waiting years to hunt for a cranes so we setup one evening and gave it a go and thank goodness these 3 decided to try and land on us because the other 500 just flew on by.  oh and it was delicious!

Last but not least a short video clip from our last morning which was a snow goose hunt and we limited out in 42 minutes and had to see 100,000 snow geese that morning.  It was incredible!

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