Nov 4, 2014

A Moose Visits our Neighboorhood.

The other day I was fortunate to watch a beautiful cow moose out in a field near my house.  It looked exactly like the same cow that visited the same field last year even at the same time of the yea just around Halloween.  I'm not sure what attracts here to that field at this time of year, but she seems to enjoy checking out the cows and showing off for the crowds that stop to watch her.

Unfortunately this field is on a main road and it gets lots of traffic which makes for some interesting watching of the two legged wildlife known as Homo Sapiens or just plan people.  It was difficult to determine what to keep my eye on, the lady who can't drive and smashed into a care as she tried to pull off the road to check out Miss Moose or the cows walking to the fence to see what this familar looking 4 legged creature was.

one thing for sure though, if people would just relax, take their time, stay in their car and keep their voices down they would get to enjoy much more of Miss Moose next time she is out in public~


  1. Love dem MOOSE! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.