Nov 7, 2010

Youth Deer Hunt Shout out

I just have to send a shout out to Little Bubba for the 6 pointer he took during Saturday's Youth Hunter training day.  Also a shout out to his Dad for taking him out and teaching him the right way.

Here is the story written by his Dad:

I took my son James out for youth day yesterday and he was successful! The alarm went off at 5am so i go and wake him up and he is up and dressed in a flash. By 5:15 he is sitting at the kitchen table with his jacket, gloves and hat on just looking at me with the "are you ready yet look". I advise him that we are not leaving for about a half hour so he takes his coat and hat off. We arrive at our spot in at 6:15 and head to our rock ledge that we sit on and get settled in before daylight. James is sitting on my left side and we are both scanning the woods for movement. The morning was very quiet with only hearing one shot. About 8:30 I see a deer coming our way pretty quick, I whisper to James DEER coming from the right and it stopped to feed. Now James is to my left and the deer is to my right and he shoots right handed so I am in the wrong place (go figure). The deer's head was down so i told him to shift positions slowly and he did. When he pulled up the 30-30 the deer was right behind a big dead tree at 50 yards, he needed to take 3 steps so while we were waiting I rested my elbow on my knee and made a rest with my thumb and pointer finger to help him steady the gun. Then the deer took 1 step, it seemed like an eternity, then another eternity and finally the third step. before i could say shoot when your ready.... BOOM!!!  I guess he was ready. The deer reared up and off he went. I told him to eject and the deer stopped after 30 yards and did the sideways death quiver. He hit it in the lungs and liver so it expired pretty quick. James field dressed it and drug it to the truck. We got it home and James and his younger brother skinned it out.


  1. Great job on getting your son out i am sure he is hooked for life now.