Jan 19, 2011

Just Some Ramblings

The weather up here in Northeast CT has been keeping everyone busy and inside except when we are out shoveling and cleaning off our roofs.  Last week on Wednesday we had a major storm that dumped a record setting 24 inches of snow at Bradley Airport but in my neck of the woods it was closer to 28 inches.

When I got up Wednesday morning to let the dogs out and my Lab Hannah stepped off the porch and disappeared I knew I was in for a long, long day and good thing our office decided to close, first time in 25 years, so I had nothing but time.

Don't worry I found Hannah.

There aren't many places to put 28 inches of snow, especially when you have a very long driveway but my snow blower handled it just fine.  Of course cleaning this mess doesn't happen in one shot, it took two full out clean ups to get it under control.

The dogs need a path to get around so they wouldn't do their business in my driveway or on the porch.

My son using the dog path to reach the back deck.

The kids were a huge help, especially my daughter Kaleigh who fell down laughing when I took a spill in the driveway.

My wife was smart and stayed in the house where it was warm and she could move about freely without fighting through the snow.  Even though she didn't man a shovel she made sure we had some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate waiting for us and they were delicious. 
I spent Thursday and Friday still cleaning up from the storm removing snow from the roof and moving some snow back off the driveway and mail boxes in preparation for the next one.  It's not easy on the wildlife but they are getting along.

These turkeys couldn't walk so they would fly, land and fly again
Now that is a Turkey Track

He is the king for sure

I was hoping to get out to the Fly fishing show in Marlborough Mass on Saturday but my uncle had signed up for a beginner fly tying class at JTs so i decided to join him.  The crew at JT's were in rear form and as usual the class was informative and fun.  I never get out of the shop without buying something and this trip was no different.  I added a Greys Streamflex 10' 4wt to my arsenal which will be used for my Euro-Nymphing fishing trips.  Now I just need to slap a reel on it.  Any suggestions?

After the fly tying class it was off to a game dinner at a local club where I encountered way, way to much food.  We had many different types of game including venison, bear, beaver, rabbit and goose all topped off with an ice cream sandwich for desert.  This is one of the game dinners I always look forward to.  The only problem was that my Pittsburgh Steelers were playing the Ravens and there was NO TV.  You wouldn't think that this was a big issue, but when you are only getting scores on your phone and your team is down 21 - 7 at the half it is serious.  Bubba and I were thinking about leaving the dinner to watch the game hoping that our presence in front of the tube would be the difference maker and help the Steelers come back for the win.  The Steelers did come back for the win so we get another chance to watch them this week as they take on the NY Jets.

And then yesterday we got hit with another storm that left a few inches of snow and freezing rain.  I enjoy the winter but this one is turning into way too much work.

So I didn't get much outdoor time over the past week except my forays out to do snow cleanup but I sure do enjoy the way everything looks blanketed in an incredible covering of snow.  Hopefully the scheduled snow storm for this Friday will be a small one and allow me some time for ice fishing so I can finish my review on the St Croix Legends ice fishing rod.


  1. Nicest "turkey track" I've ever seen.

  2. Looks like your having one of those winters where it is hard to find the house! Great post and love the turkey pics. Sorry to inform you but the Jets got some kind of horseshoe...well you know where it is!

  3. That snow blower is working overtime. I love the turkey track.

  4. The snow in these amounts are a pain in the a##, but look at all the ground water being replaced.
    Jets and Steelers, should be good football.

  5. Wowsers! That's allot of snow! Very sweet of your wife to make the treats for you guys though. Makes working snow allot less like work with rewards like that!

    And like the others, I love the turkey track too!

  6. Glad I'm living in southern pa, looks like way too much snow for me. We haven't had one that big since last winter.

    Thanks for you comment on Country Captures; I appreciate it. Outdoor photograph has become a passion for me and like you I enjoy sharing it with others in hopes that they will come to appreciate nature a little more.

  7. I feel for you. We had two storms like that last winter and I glad we've dodged it this winter.

  8. I mourn for your snow. Folks around here are paralyzed by 6 inches...snow like that would shut things down for a week.

  9. Thanks for the comments all.

    Another 5 to 6 inches on the way tonight.

    Thanks for the comments on the turkey track picture. I wish I had my canon and not just my cell phone, but it is still pretty cool.

    I'm hoping the jets all come down with the flu Saturday.