Mar 22, 2011

OBN Photo Prompt - Most Un-Frame Worthy Photo

The folks over at Outdoor Blogger Network came up with another embarrassing brilliant idea for a photo prompt.  

Here’s what Joe said, “We HAVE TO have a “Smallest Fish” or “Most un-trophy-like Trohpy” photo prompt.  If we can’t make fun of ourselves – who can we make fun of??

I still can't believe I am going to post these and I am sure I will take some serious ribbing for them but what the heck.  What's the old saying..."What doesn't hurt you only makes you stronger"....Well bring it on.

First up is a picture of my first fish ever on a dry fly which you would think would warrant a place on the wall but .....

Next up is what happens when Ray, Busch Pilot and myself  have one too many Yuenglings and Bubba is away.

This last one is a bad picture because of all the snow, but it is kind of cool.  It went from an overcast day to a full blown white out in minutes during one of our muzzle loader hunts down in New Jersey.

Ok, so let the ribbing begin but just remember what goes around comes around.


  1. LOL, those are classic! Good to see someone else caught a smolt for their first fish on a dry fly (like I did)
    The hot tub....I can't say anything but laugh! That's a great picture. And the snow is cool and COLD ~
    Thank you for sharing these!
    See now, I didn't tease you....

  2. Very nice. I like the last one, but the first two are funny. I catch nothing but 30"+ trout, so I know nothing of small fish. :)

  3. The last one is a pretty darn cool pic. The other two, well I've caught a fish about that size , but I must say I've never been in a hot tub, fully clothed, with a shotgun. You alone own that one :)

  4. Wow. Just wow! (the first two).

    And like T-R, I've never caught a small fish. Not once. Unless you count the 5" largemouth I "nailed" yesterday. Ugh. Or a thousand other tiny fish that have found themselves on the end of my line.

  5. That first picture should be framed.
    The last photo I can relate to.

  6. I am thinking that if you caught that size fish on a dry fly, I would suggest you change the size of your dry fly to about a size #2/0! Tee Hee

  7. That second picture is the greatest thing I've seen all day!

  8. I am seriously late commenting on this post but I've gotta tell ya. That second picture is the funniest "hunting" pic I've ever seen! You guys are too funny! (I luv the decoys too. Ha!)

  9. that second picture is hella funny!!!! did u guys have any luck? lol

  10. No luck hunting from the hot tub blind. It was difficult to see with all the steam rising from the hot water. :)