Mar 24, 2011

They Have The Passion - Weekly Post #1

I've been thinking about a way to share with my readers some of the other outdoor bloggers that I follow so I decided to start a new weekly posting called "They got the Passion" where I will highlight one of my fellow outdoor bloggers every week that is sharing their passions for the outdoors in their blogging.

I try to follow many great outdoor blogs on a regular basis and there are many, and I mean many, great outdoor blogs out there.  Thanks to the folks at OBN (Outdoor Blogger Network) it makes finding these blogs a whole lot easier.  Now you would think that OBN would be my first choice for the weekly review but they are not and I'm sure that the crew at OBN and it's members would not mind following behind my first choice of  Joel over at A year on the Fly.


A year on the Fly combines Joel's passion for Fly Fishing with his passion for painting.  Joel started out on January 2010 with the goal of posting a piece of art every day for an entire year and he completed it.  That's right 365 posts straight. Now that is either a sign of a bigger problem or just a true showing of PASSION.   Joel's tag line of "The Art Of the Fly And The fish They Catch" says it all.

Just one of Joel's incredible works of Art

This is a must see blog for any fisherman or art lover as Joel does a fantastic job of showing the beauty of a fly and the fish it catches  and while doing so he will often offer up some additional musings and information.  If you see something you like on his site, then buy it.  If you have a fish you caught and a picture of it and want something unique for your wall, then ask Joel about creating an original painting for you.   Once again here is the link to A Year On The Fly.

I'm not sure I can commit to a post a day the way Joel did, but I plan on keeping up the weekly They Have The Passion posts as there are so many great outdoor bloggers that I want to introduce everyone to so stay tuned.


  1. Great post I like the idea! Some great art work and I'm lovin' your blog as a whole! Thanks for the kinds words on mine as well!

  2. Cool concept for a post. Joel is getting tons of well deserved love these days. His work is fantastic!

  3. I agree completely. There are some blogs that I enjoy and others that have me in awe. A Year on the Fly is an amazing blog that astounds me time and time again.

  4. I agree with what the others have said. A great blog and I enjoy Joel's artwork very much. Nice blog feature Passinthru!

  5. This series is a great idea. Joel's artwork is amazing, thank you for sharing it!

  6. I like the idea also. Joel is masterful...

  7. Meh. Joel's stuff is ok. I mean, you know....out of the three works I have hanging around, two are pretty ok I guess. ;)

    ( kidding. they are among my most treasured art purchases! )