Jun 16, 2011

They Have The Passion Weekly - Playing Catch-Up

I am way behind on my weekly THTP posts so I am going to highlight a few different folks this week.  I'm staying in my home state of Connecticut this time out and sharing the blogs of some fellow Nutmeggers.

Steve and his family creek side on a trip to Yellowstone last year

Steve Zakur from Sipping Emergers says he is a Fly fishing guide trapped in a Technology executive's life.  I'm no fly fishing guide, but I can sympathize with Steve on this one.  Steve's passion is fly fishing and his blog is filled with fly fishing reports, thoughts and and general fly fishing ramblings.  Steve does a great job keeping his followers updated on local and national happenings as well as finding a way to make us feel like we on the water with him when he tells a story.  Stop by Sipping Emergers and read some of Steve's ramblings.  I promise it is worth the visit.

Kierran with a Long Island Sound Linesider
Kierran is another fellow nutmegger  from The Connecticut Yankee blog.  Kierran has a strong passion for all things outdoors, but none greater than the pursuit of fish.  Kierran gets around and is definitely a skilled fisherman with a knack for landing big fish.  Right now you will find him along the shore chasing linesiders or picking clams but he is just as comfortable  with a big brown trout or carp on the end of his line.   He has also recently come across some incredible arrow heads during his outdoor excursions.  Stop by The Connecticut Yankee and see what Kierran produces from his next outing.

Savage Clamming
The last of my fellow nutmeggers are the crew from Outdoor Savages.   This crew is a small group of friends that have a passion for anything outdoors and Outdoor Savages is their place to share their passions and exploits with the rest of us.   They will share their adventure from land and water right to the table if the opportunity presents itself.   There just as comfrotable in a duck or turkley blind as they are on the waters of the Long Island Sound.  There is something for everyone over at the Outdoor Savages so stop by their blog and see what this crew is up to next. 


  1. Thumbs up on all those wonderful blogs.

  2. Great Blogs! Thanks for sharing them!

  3. Great post - thanks for the shout out!

  4. I'll definielty check out tese blogs. They sound great!

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