Jun 1, 2011

Willimantic River TMA outing 5/29/11

I had the pleasure of fishing  the TMA on the Willimantic River with none other than JT from JT's Fly Shop Saturday morning.  We met at the abutment pool at 6am with a plan to get a little time on the water before the family woke up and the honey do list took over.  JT and I started out swinging wooly buggers with me at the top of the abutment and JT at the end.  The wall of mosquitoes was brutal but we fought through them and made our way into the water.
Had this stretch all to ourselves

There were plenty of bugs around but no signs of fish until one popped up out in front of me which was his first mistake.  The second was him taking the olive/brown bugger that I dead drifted his way – Fish on.  I LDR’d this brown but it felt good to get back at it seeing it’s been almost 2 weeks without fishing for me.
JT quickly hit his stride and had a fish on which turned out to be another brown.  It wasn’t long after that and he was locked again and a river dace came to hand.  Hey a fish is a fish, right?!    I hooked into another fish and once again I lost it during the retrieve.  What the heck?  While I was contemplating what I was doing wrong, JT continued to bring fish to had.  yup he caught a blue gill and a calico bass before finally catching another trout which turned out to be a nice little rainbow.  We got thinking and figured he only needed a small mouth bass and a brook trout to round out his catch.
Willimantic River Brown Trout

I picked up one more brown trout at the Abutment before we both decided to head down stream.  JT decided to switch over and do some indicator nymphing while I stayed stubborn and worked my buggers.  JT headed down to the pool just above 84 and I worked from the abutment down to him.  I picked up a couple more dace and rolled a couple of trout one of which broke me off.  This was the second break off in two weeks within a few feet of each other.  I now have 2 trout with my buggers stuck in their face.  I want my buggers back!
I made it down to JT just in time to see him lock up on a another brown.  He was working hard for that SMB and Brookie but he just couldn’t produce.  IT was now 10:30am and it was time to head out.  It’s amazing how fast 4 hours goes by when you are on the water and no one is around.
JT Working over the Bridge hole

The Willi was in good shape this morning however a little low for me.  Temps in the mid to upper 50s and fairly clear with a little color.  I did see a caddis or two come off but that was about it.  It was good to get out and on the water especially with the man himself.  JT definitely had the hot hand this mornign and I’m sure he will be manning the counter at the shop bragging about his skills and the spanking he gave me.    That’s ok because I plan on sending him a picture next week of a large Penns Creek wild brown trout.

Now it' off to Central PA to fish some of those famous limestone creeks.  According to the reports the flows are high and looks like we will get to witness our first Green Drake hatch.  I hear it is something to witness.

Tight Lines!


  1. What a wonderful report.
    I have never fished the Willi, although I have driven by it more times than flies in my boxes.
    It's great to be able to catch such a variety of fish.
    Tight lines to you on those PA. streams

  2. Being from out west, I can only imagine how great it would be to fish the Willi. Thanks for the post.

  3. Looks like another wonderful time in the Great Outdoors! Good luck in PA. I am looking forward to the pics.

  4. Sounds like a nice little outing! Best of luck on Penns!