Feb 23, 2012

Backyard Bird Count Results

Well my family and I participated in the 2012 Great Backyard Bird Count this past weekend where we observed and counted birds in our yard and at local parks.  We did out best to identify every bird we observed and recorded them and submitted our numbers through the GBBC website.

Our friend Whitey - Dark-eyed Junco Feb 2012
 As of 4pm February 22 the GBBC list the results of the submitted counts as follows:

Statistics from 2012
Total Checklists Submitted:
Total Species Observed:
Total Individual Birds Counted:

There are many different counting methods depending on where and how you are counting.  For example when counting at a feeder you only report the largest number of a species seen at the same time, not the total number seen during that period.  Now if you are out on a hike, then you can count the total number seen on that hike.  These methods are meant to reduce the number of duplicate birds counted.   Pretty staggering numbers for sure.

Downy Woodpecker Feb 2012

We observed the following species in our backyard at our feeders:
Northern Cardinal
Dark-eyed Junco
Carolina Wren
White-breasted Nuthatch
Black Capped Chicakdee
Tufted Titmouse
Downy Woodpecker
Blue Jay
House Sparrow
Song Sparrow
White-throated sparrow

There were a total 23 species recorded representing a total of 214 birds counted in my town alone.  There were 148 specifies recorded representing a total of 103,899 birds counted in the state of Connecticut as of 4pm February 22.

A Pair of Tufted Titmice obviously in a disagreement - Feb 2012

I try to sit and enjoy the birds in my yard on a regular basis but by participating in this counting event forced us to do it for multiple days in a row and we learned plenty, had plenty of laughs and shared the beauty that mother nature provides with each other. Definitely  a success.

Counting and observing birds doesn't stop with the Great Backyard Bird Count.  There are numerous opportunities to count birds and report your sightings year round by participating in Project FeederwatchNestwatch or eBird.  So get involved by getting out and enjoy the beauty of mother nature and help scientists by counting and reporting birds today.


  1. Very nice post!...I think for sure that at this time of year you have more, or at least different species than us! But we do have the Blue birds back already! Jack

  2. I have yet to see a blue bird up close and personal. I had a pair of orioles last spring and I hope they come back this year. No robins yet either. Thanks for the comment Jack!